Vision Mission and Value


To Serve the society through Value Added Quality Education and make overall development of students.


To serve the need of the society at large by establishing state-of-the-art engineering, Management, Research Institute and impart Attitude, Knowledge and Skills with Quality Education and develop individual and Team with ability to think and analyze right value and self reliance.


KNOWLEDGE which Liberates. i.e. to triumph an Individual free to think and accelerate him to analyze right Values and self Reliance.


  • To offer inclusive, affordable higher education across diverse fields for all students, prioritizing holistic development regardless of background or location.
  • To introduce students to new ideas, vision, and skills for success in dynamic business settings
  • To promote and practice a convenient distant education concept in India and abroad.
  • To create a market-focused environment for research and vocational studies to drive educational development.
  • To empower students through career support, training, and industry engagement for future success.
  • To promote and spread job-oriented education in rural and tribal areas.