From the Principal's Desk

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

“Real education aims at controlling the mind annihilating egoism cultivating divine virtue and attaining knowledge of the self.”

You are indeed, fortunate to find the opportunity to study in one of the best colleges of Rajasthan, ASMIE that has been nurtured and bestowed by the great Acharya Shri Mahapragya’s divine and celestial vision. This is my firm conviction that you will carry rich values and traditions from this institution to achieve greater heights. Our college has the privilege of healthy and harmonious ambience due to the blessings of our great spiritual saints and seers, able guidance and liberal approach of elite management and the diligence put in by the intellectual professors. This institution plays commendable role in the career and personality development of enumerable students to bring laurel to the college, state and country alike.

Dear students, in the age of tough competition you must be adept in various aspects of personality. In the perspective of vast changing scenario of globalization, varied knowledge, enhancing activities and projects as Subject Quiz, Environmental Quiz, and Inter-faculty Quiz are regular features here and students are kept abreast with the latest updates in the field of research and information by making them hear the expert views in various seminars and workshops. I believe that you would have an all-round development of your personality in this renowned SARASWATI temple of learning.

Have ambitions , aims of hard work and enthusiasm it would take you to any extent you desire and with this you would definitely turn out to be the best citizens endowed with humanistic values after getting formally instructed from this institution with open new horizons of development and bliss for your country. You must remember “There is no substitute for the beauty of mind and the strength of character”. I am sure this college is going to leave indelible impression on your personality.

With best wishes and blessing for all the upcoming session.

Acharya Shri Mahapragya Institute of Excellence Principle Message
Prof. Shanti Lal Shrishrimal