About Grievances Redressal Committee

Grievances Redressal Committee


Grievance Redressal System is a vital part of any administration. It is the responsibility of the College Administration to provide a secure and contented environment to all its Staff and Students. The Grievance Redressal Committee has been formed in the College as per the UGC guidelines to redress the grievances of both the staff and the students. Since the inception of the college, the Committee has been under the direct purview of the principal. The grievances received by the principal are forwarded to the concerned Committee members who look in to the problems depending upon the seriousness of the issue. The Committee has been continuously striving to take the best efforts possible to create a harmonious and conducive atmosphere to everyone in question. Staff or student can mail their grievance at asmie2012@gmail.com, The Grievance Redressal Committee has been formulated at ASMIE with Faculties and Students of the college coordinated by Principal as Chairman.


1. To uphold the dignity of the College by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the College through promotion of cordial Student-Student relationship and Student-teacher relationship etc
2. To provide responsive, accountable and easily accessible machinery for settlement of grievances and to take measures in the college undertakings to ensure expeditious settlement of grievances of Students in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute.
3. It is to deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.
4. Encouraging the Students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.
5. Advising Students of the College to respect the right and dignity of one another and show utmost restraint and patience whenever any occasion of rift arises.
6. Advising all the Students to refrain from inciting Students against other Students, teachers and College administration.
7. Advising all staffs to be affectionate to the Students and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.
8. To support, those students who have been deprived of the services offered by the College, for which he/she is entitled.
9. To make officials of the College responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students.
10. To ensure effective solution to the student’s grievances with an impartial and fair approach.

Mechanism For Redressal Of Grievances Of Students And Staff

1. Suggestion/Complaints box is made available in the college campus.
2. Complaint box will be opened in time to time for submitting the application or complaints to the grievance redressal committee.
3. Written complaint will be accepted directly or by emails.
4. This committee will classify the Grievance submitted into: o Academic o Non-Academic o Related to the Examination o Related to the Attendance o Related to the Conduct of Examinations o Related to the Facilities o Related to Harassment
5. If the Grievance is redressable by department itself, it is passed to the department level Grievance Redressal Committee, formulated by HOD and three members from the department faculty.
6. Grievance redressal committee collects the necessary documentation based on the type of Grievance and thoroughly discussed to implement redressing mechanism.
7. Grievance redressal committee decides the action to be taken for the redressal.

Procedure For Submitting Grievance

1. The students may feel free to put-up a grievance in writing and drop it in the suggestion boxes, which are available in college.
2. The grievance can be submitted by anybody with all the details about him attaching the necessary documentation.
3. The grievance is only mentioned and identity is not given some times.
4. Such anonymous grievances are also considered by the committee. Moreover, grievances can also be submitted through the website.
5. The Grievance redressal committee will act upon those cases which have been forwarded along with the necessary documents.
6. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the department members in person, or in consultation with the class in-charge
7. The Grievance redressal committee ensures solution for any grievance within a stipulated time limit.

Convenor of Grievance Redressal Committee

Name: Shri Sankarsan Panda
E-Mail: pandasankarsanasind@gmail.com
Mobile No: +91 9829625844
Asst Professor , Dept. of Computer Application


The constitution of the Grievances Redressal Committee is made with the following members to resolve the Grievances (problems) for the students and staff members of the college form the A.Y. 2018-19.

Sr No Name of the Committee Member Post Position in committee
01 Prof J P N Ojha Principal Chairman
02 Shri Sankarsan Panda Asst Prof Convener
03 Shri Roshan Lal Sancheti President of Society Member
04 Shri Rajendra Kumar Jain Director of the College Member
05 Smt Asha Sancheti Secretary of the society Member
06 Shri Rahul Singh Solanki Asst Prof, Physics Member
07 Shri K L Tailor Asst Prof, Education Member
08 Shri Mool Chand Babel Office Assistant Member
09 Shri Irfan Mohammad Chhipa Asst Prof, Commerce Member
10 Shri Radhey Shyam Vaishnav Librarian Member
11 Shri Avanindra vasuki Vyas Asst Prof, Computer App Member
12 Ms Vimla Bhavnani Asst Prof, Hindi Member
13 Pankaj Kumar Kumawat Student Member
14 Durga Lal Kumawat Student Member
15 Abhishek Jain Alumni Member Member